Height:  185  Chest:  110  Waist:  87  Suit:  38-40R  Collar:  39.5  Shoe:  10.5  Hair:  Dark Blonde  Eyes:  Blue/Green

Scientist, business owner and social entrepreneur, Sam explores pathways towards a future society where we can meet the needs of humans whilst respecting our planetary boundaries. Two notable projects Sam is involved in are Co-Labs Melbourne, a co-working laboratory and innovation hub that supports impact-oriented startups, and The Phoenix School Program, a circular STEM education charity that diverts old science equipment from landfill and donates it to schools. 

In a past life Sam modelled with some of the biggest mainstream agencies in the industry, had great successes in the digital and social media marketing fields (hint: knows how to make great content 😉) but packed up shop and left it behind to pursue a value aligned work life. With bushels of talent and experience, you’ll now find Sam focusing on his passions in sustainable innovation while working with ethical companies as a model, collaborator, presenter, podcaster… the list goes on!