Height:  171  Bust:  86  Bra:  10C  Waist:  67  Hips:  98  Dress:  8/10  Shoe:  Hair:  Brown  Eyes:  Brown

With values even stronger than her bone structure, Tahlia’s determination to make the world a kinder place is evident in her activism for both social justice and animal liberation. Whether it’s marching in demonstrations for causes she believes in, or using social media to share what she has learned about both animal and human rights, Tahlia is always focused on empowering others. 

In addition to her regular fitness regime of swimming, yoga and weight training, Tahlia works as an early childhood educator where she feels the importance of modelling good values to younger generations. Tahlia is comfortable both behind and in front of the camera, enjoying photography and videography in her spare time and showcasing her experience with both acting and presenting.